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Building a Concrete Future

Honest, Reliable Builders since 1937

Teitelbaum Concrete is Leading Quality Projects

Building is What We Do

The Fred Teitelbaum Construction Company was founded in in 1937. Through our Wholly-owned subsidiary, Teitelbaum Concrete Company of Florida we perform the important function of a full service concrete subcontractor on many impressive construction projects.


In all the fields where we operate, our Company has the same fundamental characteristics: a total orientation toward the customer, actively involved principals, in-depth knowledge and experience in our trade and an excellent track record of safety and reliability. As a concrete subcontractor working on projects in Florida, we bring to each job a high level of project cost management, schedule supervision and control. 


Our firm's growth and stability is a result of satisfied customers who return to Teitelbaum Concrete to build new facilities. We work closely with the Owner, Architect and Engineer on every aspect of a project. We are committed to completing each project on time or ahead of schedule, within budget, and without added costs. Our expertis is in cost management , and the earlier we become involved in a project the more valuable our input. We offer advice and consultation to our clients in order to maintain high standards of quality while at the same time reducing overall project costs. the principals and Teitelbaum Concrete are actively involved in every project from the initial design and budget discussions through the complexities of construction scheduling and field work. Their expert observations and inspections on-site eliminate potential problems that can create costly delays compounding project expenses. 

Networks of highly trained people both in the field and in our headquarters, provide our clients with the very best in consistent support and immediate response. Long-term employees bring thousands of man hours of pertinent experience and safety awareness to every job we perform and over 85 years of dependable service results in rewarding profitable projects for the clients we serve. 

Let us show you how Teitelbaum Concrete Company can work for you.

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